Has anyone ever used Kiva before?

I saw a special on 60 minutes that really intrigued me. In a nutshell, they provide a web interface that enables regular old folks like you and me to provide small loans to people in developing countries who want to start a business.

For example, you can provide a loan to a guy in Kenya who wants to advance his sheep farm. The web site connects you and enables you to negotiate the details, then you put up the money, and amazingly, people usually pay it back with interest. And you get the joy of helping someone fulfill a dream!

Most of these people are only looking for less than $2000. I’m really interested… but has anyone out there done this before?


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  1. Micro-finance is a simple, yet awesome idea. Banker to the Poor is on my to read list.

    One of our home groups, i.e. house church, small groups, life community, what ever you want to call it, recently had a yard sale to raise money to fund someone on Kiva.

    The great thing about Kiva is that you do not have to give some random person $2000. You can give them $50 and several other people $50 and spread your wealth around. The requester ends up getting their loan from several people. Then, when they pay you back, you can re-invest that money in someone else.

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