Holy Cow! Go Steve Go!

Check out this blog post from pastor Steven Furtick. It lights me up!

Key quotes:

Because of the perception of Pastoral ministry we’ve perpetuated, the sharpest and highest potential young leaders in our country go on to do other things with their lives.
After all, who wants to give the best years of their lives to keeping a committee of angry white deacons happy about the carpet color and the type of flowers in the vestibule?

Nevertheless, I’m encouraged.
Currently in the body of Christ there is a new generation of Joshua pastors rising up.
They often look more like youth pastors than pastors.
They say words like sucks and crap, and they probably shouldn’t.
They are rough around the edges, they don’t always get it right, but they’d rather fail aggressively than simply exist passively.
They might not have the best bedside manner, but they have a fire in their bones to preach God’s Word with no apologies.


One Response

  1. good call on that guy. one of his favorites on the book list is written by the pastor of the largest church in Louisville and maybe the Southeastern US: Southeast Christian Church.

    The only hitch I’ve got with Southeast is their doctrinal statement on baptism, but I can deal with that when they are reaching so many people with the gospel…

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