Alright people. I want your feedback on something. I’ll explain why I’m asking this in the future — I don’t want to taint your honest response for now — but I want y’all to respond with your thoughts on a really important question:
What is my number one purpose in life?
I want to keep the question as simple and ambiguous as possible — again, so as not to influence your honest response — but I do want to clarify that very general/vague answers will not be very helpful. I’ll also tip the scale just a little bit and acknowledge that ‘to glorify God and enjoy Him forever’ is already well ingrained in my head, but if you’re planning to go that direction, please help me out by clarifying what that means to you :0)
This will hopefully be interesting. You can click the number next to the title to post a comment/response!

3 Responses

  1. glorify God BY enjoying him forever…


    Keep your perspective SO Godward that in everything you enjoy, you see either eternal joy or temporal pleasure. Fight for your higher joy.

    Enjoy your wife
    Enjoy the universe / creation
    Enjoy your church

    Joy in God.

    Harre auf Gott!
    -Psalm 43

  2. To live a life that pleases God and makes him smile. For to me to live is Christ and to die is gain. Phil 1:21 If my life does not bring glory to God, thru my speech, my actions, my words, my thoughts and attitudes, then I have lived for self and am in need of repentance. I was created for His glory, not for mine. May I cease to dishonor Him as we walk together along this dusty road toward the celestial city. Isaiah 43:10-11 and Ephesians 3:20-21

  3. Thanks for the comments Stephen and Denise!

    You are both absolutely right. And I think at the heart of what you’re saying, Stephen, is what God is showing me. I just have some new words to put around it that makes me think about it differently.

    Rob Bell uses the phrase, “fully alive”.

    Our purpose in life is to be fully alive — that is how we glorify God.

    The reason those words are important to me is that even if I work hard at doing something very useful and profitable that brings a lot of glory to God, if that thing doesn’t light me up with life, then I’m still settling for less than what God made me to do.


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