Transformers and the Vatican

Last night, Steph and I celebrated 5 (awesome) months of marriage by going to see Transformers.

Those of you who know me well know that it’s hard to get me to be over-the-top about a movie. I gave “Pirates 1” a 9, “Pirates 2” a 6, and “Pirates 3” a 7. I gave “Spiderman 3” a 7. All of the LOTR movies together get about a 9.

I don’t like my movies to be too predictable, cheesy, cliche, boring or exhausting.

I’m a tough customer.

I give Transformers a 13. They knocked it out of the park. I love everything about it. It was funny, witty, exciting… it shows off the new Camaro that’s coming out soon… it has a great message… and it’s just fantastic enough that I didn’t care how realistic it was. Go see it — today.

And on a completely unrelated note, something very important came from the Vatican yesterday.

Read about it here. And here. Share you thoughts. I’ll share mine :0)

Here’s a snippet, in case you’re tempted to skip reading the link:

With Pope Benedict XVI’s blessing, the Vatican released a document Tuesday that said the Catholic Church is the one true church and other Christian bodies shouldn’t be called churches.


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