Pray for my friend ‘bob’

I have a friend who I spent a good chunk of time with when I was in Central Asia. His name is…

Well, let’s call him ‘Bob’ just to be safe (in the picture above, ‘bob’ is on the right, and yes, believe it or not, I am on the left).

‘Bob’ was faithfully discipled for over a year after he gave his life to Christ, and for a while, he was bearing all kinds of fruit.

But when pressure from the oppressive government of his country started to cramp down, he really backed off. He started dating a non-believer, and recently he sent me an email and said that he is now married to her.

Here is the response I received (‘Dad’ is how we write about God):

Do you remember Manzura?! Is this she whom I got married .
I will send you pics. I am still in ‘_______’.
I work at Tour Agency. I’m doing well.
Walk with Dad not so well man, ask Him to be better.
With his love, love you.

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