some various thoughts pt. 2

There are a TON of great learning resources out there these days.

  • Andy Stanley at Northpoint is doing a really powerful and convicting series on wealth. You can download or watch the messages for free here
  • Shaun Groves redesigned his website and keeps a really provocative blog here. He also does a podcast, in which here recently interviewed one of my favorite musicians, Derek Webb. Get that here.
  • Elevation Church in Charlotte has lots and lots of stuff available for free. Their pastor, Steven Furtick, is very young and very rough around the edges, but he’s been really challenging me about what church is/can be. They have a newly tricked-out resource page where you can watch/listen to the sermons here.

I love my wife. A lot. I don’t know what I did before God gave her to me.

Lost is a very cool show, and I have come to believe that a pastor could use it as his soul source for illustrations and never run short. Everyone has a story. If you believe that, it will change your life.

I really want to serve Jesus full-time.

That makes me really discontent with computer jobs.

I am now the proud owner of a very funny DMV story/experience/memory. Ask me sometime. And pray for the lady that helped me when I went to get my license renewed.

I’ve been really, really missing good friends. Y’all come closer!!!!

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