Please Pray For Jack

Hey folks,

I just received this email from a leader in our church. Please don’t get distracted by how long it looks. It took me 2 minutes to read it.

Please stop and take 5 minutes to lift this guy up in prayer:

I sold land to someone names Jack Rafac. His wife is Delores. He’s lived a rough life, from abandonment as a baby, to carnivals, to Chicago Hell’s Angels, to prison, to homicide, to informant, now under Witness Protection Plan. He looks rough. He is rough. But he’s got a little boy’s heart in him. He just wants to be cared about and loved. I am the only person he trusts in this world, other than Delores. He’s quite poor, making a living in the junk-world business, with a little government assistance per month. He has never missed a payment.

Jack was recently diagnosed with some form of liver cancer. They gave him a few years. He was optimistic and was preparing a plan to take care of Delores. He collapsed today and is now in the emergency room at Mariah Parham. Beth and I had just invited them to come to our house this week to bathe and to eat lunch with us. We were going to buy them some new clothes. He had agreed to let me share the gospel with him for at least an hour without interrupting me. (He loves to talk….)

Please pray that he will live long enough for me to see him in the hospital. Pray that he will live long enough to make that trip to our home. Pray that salvation will over take him when I share with him. Pray for Delores, too.


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