Can you love Jesus but not His bride?

I was bored and looking around on facebook just now, a I read this in someone’s profile:

I’ve been a Christian for 9 years. Went to church for about 8 of those years and then realized that God was calling us to something different – something out of the box. We have a small home group that meets at our house now and I don’t think we will ever attend an actual modern day church again – Love Jesus just don’t love what church has become.

I know this person. I know that she loves Jesus. I don’t want to judge her heart or her motives. I just want to ask the question in the title of this post.

What do you think?


One Response

  1. talk about putting it in the wheelhouse… you may have read this, and that’s what spawned this post, but here’s an article I think you’ll enjoy, and so will your readers.

    it’s by Ed Stetzer, an SBC / missional / affiliated with Acts29 / INCREDIBLE missiologist…

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