2 Questions for pastor mark driscoll

Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington is taking questions (see the video below) that he’ll use as topics for 9 sermons and a book, beginning in January, 2008.

You can go to askanything.marshillchurch.org to view, submit, and vote on questions.

I asked the following questions (there’s a really short length limit, so I didn’t get to word them exactly the way I wanted):

What are your thoughts about the level of criticism between believers, and particularly church leaders? What’s the balance between a desire for Truth and a bad picture of Jesus we paint to the world?

What do you think about the term ‘christian’? Do you think that it has become too stigmatized, and if so, is it worth redeeming or should we change our language?

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  1. […] are the responses to the top ten questions from the ‘Ask Anything’ survey (I asked these two questions), where everybody in the world had three months to ask and vote on questions that they would like […]

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