Hillarious post on LarkNews

I just recently learned about a website called Lark News.

It’s basically a ‘news’ website, but all the stories are spoofs that mock many of the silly things that happen in the Christian world.

I’m honestly still trying to figure out whether I think it’s a good thing or a bad thing. The fact that you can buy t-shirts and mugs and all kinds of mocking things is particularly frustrating.

But the site is surely funny. Here’s a ‘story’ that had me laughing out loud.


John Randall and family recently received a letter from their sponsor child in Honduras. But instead of offering an update and gratitude for their continued support, 11-year-old Maria Salvador told them she was boycotting them.
“She said it was nothing personal, but her sponsor child union wanted better terms,” says Becky Randall, 34. “She asked us to please remove her photograph from the refrigerator and cease all communication with her until the strike is resolved.”
In a new wrinkle for child sponsor ministries, sponsor children in several countries have united to demand better terms. They are asking for $45 a month, up from the standard $28, plus a 7 percent annual increase, new uniforms, better medical care and more frequent gift packages from sponsors.
“American sponsor organizations can’t exist without us, and we want a better deal,” says one child union representative.


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