Huge Opportunity

A lot of folks don’t realize that I actually have two sisters. One is a little younger than me and lives nearby, but the other is 5 years older than me, and lives in Apple Valley, California. And she has one heck of a story.

I won’t put the whole thing here, because you’ll never get around to the end, and there’s a point to this post… the gist of it is a classic story of redemption. My dad divorced her mom when she was very young, and her mom raised her foolishly… and before it was said and done, she spent YEARS on the streets, addicted to drugs, in and out of jail, and finally hit rock bottom.

And when she did, she looked up and called out to God, and He reached down and rescued her…

Today, she is happily married, clean from drugs for over two years, and her and her husband live kind of like the brady bunch… they have 6 kids between them, but 3 are from other men, and three are from other women, in their previous lives.

The big difference between them and the brady bunch, is that the 8 of them live in a 2-bedroom apartment, and work really hard to make the ends meet.

This is where you come in. Recently, they got hit hard when Moses, Jennifer’s husband, was laid off. At the same time, they were given a really neat opportunity to rent a 3-bedroom house on a small farm for less rent than what they’re paying at their apartment.

So what are they doing now? They’re praying, and waiting.

Would like to be an answer to their prayers? There are lots of way that you could help.

You could help pay some of their bills, help them pay the moving expenses to get into this new house, or send christmas toys for any of the 6 kids who range in age from 5-15.

Please prayerfully consider this, and if you’re interested, shoot me a message at ‘zack.riesland at gmail dot com’

Update: I created a facebook group related to this post. Pass it on!


5 Responses

  1. Hey Zack,
    Can you tell me of the children the ages and girl or boy. I would like to suit a gift that fits to their specific age and gender. Miss you and Steph.

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  3. Julie,

    I posted an update on this here:

    click here

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