I think I have a new hero

Ok, not really.

‘Hero’ is a powerful word to me. But man, Mark Driscoll is seriously on track…

Check this out:


4 Responses

  1. Hooray! I knew he did other stuff than bash other Christian leaders.

    I like the message here, but it left me wondering what he would say it means to “just need Jesus.” I have an idea, but I just wonder how he would articulate it.

  2. I think it’s very unfortunate that he’s the guy everybody loves to hate. You’ll hear 100 times more about his mistakes than the good God is doing through him because of a really critical blogosphere, especially in his home town of Seattle.

    I was actually introduced to him as “The cussing pastor” — someone to watch and criticize and say “Why would anybody follow this guy?” But now I’m sold. Give him a chance :0)

    This video is from a sermon titled “The Rebel’s Guide To Joy in Conflict” from the series “The Rebel’s Guide to Joy”, which is an expositional teaching series from the book of Philippians.

    You can download it for free from iTunes here:


  3. If you would like to hear Driscoll articulate what it means to “just need Jesus” it is pretty easy to find. If you listen to pretty much any of his sermons he devotes 5-10 minutes every week on the subject.

    That is probably the coolest thing about his preaching in my opinion. It doesn’t matter if he is preaching through a genealogy, he is always going to tell you how it is all about Jesus.

  4. Absolutely.

    Derek Webb often tells the story of Martin Luther.

    He preached the Gospel almost every week, and his congregation often gave him a really hard time about it.

    He told them, “Every week I come and see a room full of people who don’t act like they believe this, so I’m going to keep teaching it until you do.”

    Thanks for the linkage Josh. I enjoy your site…

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