Worship from our wedding

So, being sick this weekend, I finally took some time to edit down the worship piece of our wedding video so that it would be under 100 mb (and play friendly with google video).

I’m so glad that Stephen accepted my request for him to come and lead a worship set to begin our wedding ceremony. It will always be a good memory. And that him and Jennifer were willing to come hang out with us for a couple of days before our wedding. Getting pulled over for running a red light on the way to pick up my tux, and then being let off with a warning because I was getting married is another great memory…

Besides being one of my best friends, Stephen is also a student at Southern Seminary, and a lead worshiper at Crossing Church in Louisville, KY.

Someday, dadgummit, we’re going to work together in ministry :0)


2 Responses

  1. so, I’m pretty much completely over what is going on here in Louisville. when you’re ready to head into ministry, call me, and I’m right behind you to do what I do best…

  2. know of anyone looking??

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