Go read Anne Jackson’s blog

Someday in heaven, I’m going to enjoy talking to a handful of folks whose blogs influence me on a daily basis…

Anne Jackson, who works for LifeChurch.tv, and who is currently writing a book called ‘Mad Church Disease‘, has a fantastic site over at FlowerDust.net.

She’s currently posting a series called “A Courageous Tale of Grace”, which deals with sexual/moral failure in the church, and particularly among leaders.

It’s worth the click…


2 Responses

  1. hey zack! thanks so much for the kind words and the link. i hope we get to meet before heaven – but if not, we’ll party it up there!

    take care & merry christmas!

  2. Wow!

    Thanks Anne. Merry Christmas to you as well, and may God leave His fingerprints all over your creative hard work!

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