Gas Shortage In Central Asia


When I was in Central Asia, the lack of heating gas was a serious issue. There were weeks were it seemed just about impossible to get warm. And in this article they’re saying that this year is much worse than years past: It’s colder and there’s less gas for heating. And it’s mostly because they have a terrible, selfish leader who does not fear God.

Please pray for the folks in Central Asia, and click here to read the whole article from BBC.


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  1. Hi,

    I was planning on going to China to work with a school there, but have almost given up hope in going now? I’m sure that area is much more ‘properous’ than Central Asia – I guess I’ve given in to ‘fear’ and ‘I help more people where I’m at (maybe 20 times as many) by staying than by going’? By Staying I support up to 1000 children thru various ‘relationships’ (i.e. an American friend and Korean friend as well as various places I work at on Sundays – 2 churches, etc.).

    Keep me in your prayers because I’ve mostly given up hope of going now – I was going to suggest to my friend who is there now that if they ‘kidnap/Shanghai’ me on Saturday, February 16th I could still come? My schedule is too busy except for the Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year) to leave at any other date and meet their ‘starting time’ for that school?

    Thanks for your prayers – I’m also looking for other ‘opportunities in China’ or just a ‘better job’ here in Korea.

    If you know of anyone who could leave to work at a school in China, teaching MKs then contact my friend, Janet at – I hope this ‘advertizing’ isn’t read by the ‘authorities’ or ‘officials’ since they need a teacher immediately at that school. Thanks for your time and for reading this.

    Wishing I had ‘made up my mind’ in December about this but trusting God to take care of their ‘need’.

    Kimbob in Korea

  2. i appreciate you so much. I love your heart for this country and all people. It helps me see more of your heart, which is more beautiful than I could ever imagine. Love you.

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