Mark Driscoll is a fan of… Mark Driscoll?


I went to respond to some wall posts on facebook this morning, and this is what I saw in my little news feed thingy: “Mark Driscoll became a fan of Mark Driscoll.”

I actually listened to a very short podcast yesterday where he explained that facebook capped him at 5,000 friends, so now if you want to be associated with him on facebook, you have to ‘become a fan’.

I know how frustrating this is, because it happened to me one time.

Oh wait, no it didn’t…

And Stephen, what’s up with the whole Braves Fan thing? Ugh…..

(PS – To all the folks who are only going to see this because you search for ‘mark driscoll’ on wordpress or through your RSS feeds, I’m not knocking Mr. Driscoll at all. Feel free to poke around and you’ll see that he’s held in high esteem here :0)


3 Responses

  1. yes, I’m a Braves fan. have been since I can remember. the only baseball team worth rooting for, in my opinion. the word “steroid” isn’t in the vocabulary in good ole A.T.L.

    and yes, we have choked for the last 6 years or so. I’m well aware of this. we probably could have used some performance enhancing drugs. oh well.

  2. ALSO,

    I like Mark Driscoll – sometimes.

    However, I am frustrated with people my age who take whatever Driscoll (or insert popular teacher – aka Piper, Giglio, Bell, etc.) and apply to it “GOSPEL” status.

    I will post soon on an issue of my personal “Theology of Christian Worship” and its subheading “Theology of the Corporate Worship Gathering of Christians”, which has been spurred on by Driscoll’s recent talk about worship.

  3. I love when Driscoll said, “That might be a violation of the first commandment” in his short video address on Mars Hill’s website.

    I think it’s hilarious that he’s a “musician.” I guess Facebook never guessed pastors would have fans????

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