What would you do?


Steph and I have been faithfully watching “Oprah’s Big Give” every week. (Thanks ABC for putting it online :0)

I thought it was going to be really cheesy, but I’ve gotten to where I really look forward to it every week.

This week, the premise was pretty cool, and it got me to thinking, so I want to ask you.

Here’s the deal:

You get 100,000 bucks.
You have 24 hours.
You can’t give cash to anybody (you can use it to pay for stuff).
You can’t give (spend) more than $500 for any individual, or more than $10,000 for any group/organization/location.
You don’t get to plan ahead. You’re done in exactly 24 hours, and whatever doesn’t get given away is lost.

    What would you do?


    5 Responses

    1. Sounds like 250 people are getting 8GB iPhones.

    2. Nice. I like it. Of course, if you were on the show and playing by the rules, you’d have to drive around to apple stores and buy them all with cash, or else get Apple to deliver in under 24 hours :0)

    3. .believe it or not as much as i really really hate orca i also watch that with my wife..i would go to the different missions in each city and free clinics and things..spending the money is easy but with the rules they had it made it kinda hard.i think getting rid of the wheelchair girl was a wrong choice too in the episode before that.

    4. No lie man!

      “wheelchair girl” was awesome, and I totally didn’t think she deserved to go!



    5. .yeah..orca is a whale..oprah is a whale..shes also got like the biggest head i’ve ever seen.i said the wheelchair girl was the wrong choice cause the black chick was causing trouble and not being a team player..even this week she wasnt good either..i think she will cause trouble in the future too.she doesnt seem to work well when in a team..she wasnt listening to anybody.

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