Something I heard yesterday

Yesterday, while working, I listened to a message by Rob Bell on Philippians 2:1-2 called “One Mind” (click here to download the mp3 :: click here to view the past 12 sermons from Mars Hill Church).

The talk was very interesting and certainly kept my attention. Rob even played highlight films of Larry Bird (a great basketball player from when I was a kid).

At one point during the talk — and I think you could reasonably say that this is the thesis of the message — Rob makes this statement:

“What if the cross was God’s way of asking, ‘What do I have to do for you to get along?’ ?”

At first I thought, “Wow, that’s powerful.”

But then, the more I thought about it, the more my eye brows went up…

what do you think?


One Response

  1. Interesting. Like you, though, the more I thought about it the more my eyebrows went up and now they’re on top of my head! I’d need to hear it in context though and I haven’t time at the moment.

    I CERTAINLY think that us Christians not getting along is a far worse problem in God’s eyes than we BEGIN to grasp. Indeed, much as I love blogging, I’m geting a bit jaded with the lack of unity that is so evident in some blogs (I hope not mine but I’ll be thinking about that….) HOWEVER I think there’s a huge lot more to the cross than “just” that, important as that is.

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