World Vision Wants Your Help

I got an email from World Vision today. It says that they could really use our prayers and financial support in serving the people devastated by cyclone Nargis and the earthquakes in China.

Here are some excerpts:


World Vision’s 600 local staff members continue to struggle to meet the most urgent needs. Word Vision has already delivered tons of rice, clean drinking water, clothing, blankets and tarpaulins in areas hit hardest by Cyclone Nargis.

Our staff is also working to intervene against another threat — the outbreak of infectious diseases. In emergency situations, even a minor illness can lead to widespread loss of life, especially among the most vulnerable — young children and the elderly.

We are also caring for traumatized children through our Child Friendly Spaces. “Tens of thousands of children have seen their homes destroyed, family members die, seen dead bodies, or are now simply trying to survive in a terribly harsh post-disaster environment,” shared a World Vision staff member.

Please pray for our staff in Myanmar, working tirelessly in difficult conditions to help those who are suffering. I am humbled by the sacrifices they are making on behalf of the children we serve.


As the number of dead and missing from the China earthquake surpasses 88,000 people and the aftershocks continue, World Vision’s emergency response efforts continue. We are focusing on distributions for families, especially quilts and tarps to provide children with warmth and shelter. Medical supplies are also being distributed to assist the injured and support overwhelmed local hospitals.

“We work with communities and together face the same dangers — it is terrifying when the earth buckles due to an after shock or when we have to evacuate areas where we are doing distributions due to threats of flooding. Last week a landslide blocked the road we were using to deliver our emergency supplies, furthering the challenge of getting aid through,” said World Vision aid worker in Qingchuan Office, Andrew Lok.

These desperate families continue to need your help. Please join us in prayer for the protection of vulnerable families, World Vision staff, and others involved in delivering aid.


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