A quick thought

This morning, on the way to work, I heard a short interview with a guy from Iraq.

He was really excited because this is the first wekk in at least four years when he feels comfortable leaving his wife and kids at home while he goes out to do something.


Kind of puts my day in perspective…


One Response

  1. Hey man
    was reading Carlos’s blog just now and saw your comments…
    appreciate your thoughts in the middle of what was becoming overly negative.
    i think there are times when we are given the opportunity to displace a lot of our pinned up bitterness or personal hurts and negative memories on someone else…

    in this case…i feel that this happens A LOT to the worship leader up there who NONE of those people with there opinions would want to be JUDGED so harshly in and would probably EVER get up on a stage and try to appease thousands of people.
    meanwhile being produced (litterally) and trying to “make” people happy…yet feeling the struggle that it is GOD alone who you are worshipping…and yet….

    so in the middle of all those opinions and personal DEMANDS on the God’s worship…
    Thanks for being more optimistic and hopeful and understanding

    i may sing, write songs, lead worship etc…..but at the end of the day…im a husband and dad and a guy pursuing Jesus like the rest and hoping to bring others along side me – and i sure HOPE we learn THIS side of Heaven….to be satisfied in Him…cause news flash….we wont get to produce Heaven!

    thanks man


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