2,500 bucks for an iPhone?

Check out this article about the rediculous prices some people are getting for iPhones on ebay.

Here’s a snippet:

Problem is the cost. For the hundreds of devices currently available, many are hovering just under $1,000 a piece, with about $750 being the average. The black 16 GB model seems the most coveted, with bids already exceeding a cool grand. If you’ve got money to burn and want to go for a “jailbroken” or unlocked model that can work on other carriers’ networks, that’ll run you about $1,500 to start on the ‘bay.

A search of the completed iPhone 3G auctions paints an even better picture, with one auction for a black 16 GB 3G iPhone closing at just over $2,500, and auctions for packages of up to four iPhones bringing in about $1,000 a device.


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