I wanna go back…

Me in the ruins of Alexander the Greats palace in Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Me in the ruins of Alexander the Great's palace in Samarkand, Uzbekistan

I would give a lot to be waking up in Samarkand today. I would walk down the street to get break baked just a few minutes ago, and I would come home and eat it for breakfast with sweet milk and tea.

Or I would fast and walk around the city all day and pray against the demonic strongholds that make a miserable place to live.

Someday, Lord?


5 Responses

  1. Hey Brother.
    I feel that I am in a very unique place in my life right now, and I think doing some traveling is in order. I wanna talk to you about it a little over lunch sometime soon.


  2. We just never know… Praise Him that He does and has complete control. He may very well call you back to that same place to help shine light in the dark corners. God bless, Charlie

  3. We’re longing to be there too Zack. Maybe one day…

  4. oh, friend, me too. i’m actually hoping that we’ll get to go visit Uz if we move to Thailand.
    about 3 nights a week, i dream about life in samarkand. wish we could have it back. maybe one day, we can. plus steph and baby and matt and baby.

  5. Amen girl!

    But, hang on, “…plus steph and baby and matt and baby.”

    Is there an announcement couched in there?

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