The Dark Knight

Here’s a lengthy review of the ‘Dark Knight’ movie.

The author basically says what everyone else has been saying.

I really want to see this movie, but it sounds downright troubling.

Anybody got some feedback for me?


5 Responses

  1. for all of that talk on the review, it wasn’t that gory. the real tension was the psychological/ethical one. the movie definitely made some statements. Heath Ledger was a freak of nature in this movie. It was incredible and dark and thought-provoking.

    definitely not a movie I’d take kids to see (or a lady with an easily seared memory), but still a must-see movie for me. I want to go again. As far as Batman hype goes, it didn’t disappoint.

  2. it was fantastic. i highly suggest it.

  3. Like Focker’s portfolio–strong to very strong. More tension than violence. No sex, language. A couple grisly scenes with the Joker. Touches on a lot of unique themes. Victimhood, altruism in the face of under-appreciation, altruism for self-satisfaction or greater good, human goodness/evil, all that good stuff.

  4. Ladies and gentlemen, Robin Vermillion has commented on my blog.

    I am now free to depart in peace…

  5. we saw it, and i loved it. for a movie. there were some very strong themes, but it’s worth seeing. i like being confronted with that stuff every once in awhile. reminds me not to forget that it’s out there, in some ways. ya know?

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