Caption Please


2 Responses

  1. How about Follow the Straight Path (Proverbs 3:6)?

    Or, Early Training for a Future Back Seat Driver.

    Hey Steph, did you happen to notice the car coming down the hill?

    Was this picture taken near the headwaters of Falls Lake?. I know an area, near Creedmoor, that looks just like this…

  2. Charlie,

    The car in the background is kind of the joke. She knew it was coming, and that’s why she wouldn’t give me a straight smile…

    I think her face says something like, “I love you honey, but if I die so you can get a good photo, Jesus is going to be seriously mad.”

    To answer your question, I’m honestly not sure what ‘headwaters’ are :0)

    But this is on Falls like, right off of highway 50 on Cash Rd.

    Good eye!

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