Got a minute?

’cause if you do, I’d like to share a couple of neat opportunities with you…

When I went overseas, I had about 11 weeks to find enough folks to commit to giving about $1,200 a month for at least a year while I was gone. Once I had been gone for a couple of months, a good bit of my support dropped off. I ended up having to watch my finances very carefully, and I still spent a lot of my own money.

The day I got home, I pretty much had nothing in the bank, and I actually owed some money to cover travel expenses for getting home.

Missionaries shouldn’t have to deal with that.

Fast-forward to today: God is good and He takes care of me. Steph and I are ironing out some financial rinkles and God is teaching us in the process. But I want to introduce you to three friends who are now in the shoes I was in a couple of years ago:


1) Meet Tricia and Matt. Tricia is my sister from another mother. She was with me in Uzbekistan, and is one of the awesome-est (yes, I just made that a word) people you’ll ever meet. Since we’ve been back, she and Matt got married and started a life together.

In a couple of weeks, they will be moving to Thailand to spread the Gospel. They will earn their place in the culture by teaching english to elementary school students at this school. Once they arrive in the country, their expenses will be paid as part of their teaching positions, but they are responsible to cover all of their travel expenses, which will be several thousand dollars.

Up until now, Tricia has been working at a church, and Matt has been working part-time while going to seminary. This is another way of saying, “These kids have been living on a string and a couple thousand dollars doesn’t come easy.” If everyone who looked at this blog yesterday gave 20 bucks, we could pay for their whole trip. Please pray about it and let me know if you wanna help!

2) Meet Jeremy (on the far left — oh and be patient, his blog takes a while to load :0)

I met Jeremy when I was a student at NC State, but I really got to know him over the 2 years that I worked at my last job. He is an awesome young man who has been growing in Christ like crazy for the past 2 years.

A couple of months ago, he prayerfully decided to go to Serbia for a week with his church to teach a bunch of kids about Christ. The cost was a couple thousand dollars, and he signed up by faith, hoping that some folks would come through and help him pay for it.

I talked to him last week. He said that about 30 kids responded to the Gospel when they heard it for the first time on his trip! He also said that in the end he paid about 1,200 bucks out of pocket. At that rate, he won’t be able to do this very often…

If you are interested in investing in his trip, please go pay him a visit at his blog and leave him a comment, or just let me know!

3) Meet John (John’s not a freak like me who puts his whole life online, so I don’t have a photo or a blog to point you to :0)

John is one of my best friends, and he should be returning from Zimbabwe today. He went through the same church as Jeremy. According to his email, they had an immediate change of plans when they got in-country, and he has spent the past week building churches instead of teaching vacation Bible school.

I’m looking forward to seeing his photos and I’ll hopefully be able to share some with you here! But in the meantime, he’s in the same boat as Jeremy: he left having paid for a good chunk of his trip out of pocket. Once again, if you’re interested in helping, let me know!

Thanks for being patient with the long post…


3 Responses

  1. Wow, Zack! You are so great! Thank you for the HUGE encouragement! I would also like to share with you something the Lord has already done: we were GIVEN buddy passes from a friend who works for American Airlines. This took our needed support from $5,000 to $2,500. Wow! God provides, and teaches us a lot on the meantime!

  2. Hey thanks for that!

    I love ya brother!

  3. […] week I posted about Matt and Tricia and their upcoming movie to Thailand. Like I said in the post, they need to […]

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