I’ve spent the past several early mornings working on a new website/blog for the youth at our church body.

(this would be why my own blog hasn’t seen much action)

This is my first real experiment with a privately-hosted wordpress blog and podcasting and whole nine yards, so I’d love to have your feedback.

Got any tips on cool plugins?

Got any ideas to make this better?

Got feedback on our teaching (keep in mind we’re teaching teenagers)?

Please go visit and let me know!



3 Responses

  1. Heh that blog is almost as slow as mine is! aww 😦

    it looks like you’ve already posted quite a few entries. The most important thing I can offer as advise is update it as regularly as possible or everybody forgets that the website even exists.

    I’m not much of a teacher, so I don’t have much advise to offer there. Personally as far as widgets…my favorite is my WPG2 widget by far…allowing me to link my photo gallery to my blog.

    oh and a simple, plain design is probably best, although you can’t tell that I really feel that way after you look at my blog.

  2. I love the website honey! You did a great job and I know it took a lot of time ~ Stephanie :0)

  3. Z, the new CCRYouth site is awesome. It has been a blessing to see the youth group grow the way it has.

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