Uzbekistan Photos (Pt. 2)

I posted another round of photos from my time in Uzbekistan (Read the original post here about where these are coming from). As I said before, I will gladly sell these to you in any format for any price, and all profits will go to supporting the Kingdom of Jesus in Central Asia.

See the rest of them on my flickr feed here.


New Podcast

Calvary Chapel of Raleigh Podcast

Calvary Chapel of Raleigh Podcast

A task that has been on my to-do list for months is to set up a podcast for our church body.

I just know that I’m ten times more likely to listen to a teaching if it’s already on my iPod because iTunes put it there when I sync’d up, and I have a feeling that many other folks are the same way.

I also know that it’s a great way to make our pastor’s teaching available to those who might never otherwise find us. I often listens to pastors from around the world who I’ve never met, just because I found their podcast.

But I was always intimidated by the technicality of it. The first thing that iTunes asks you for when you go to setup a podcast is the XML document. “What XML document?”

But I found a great tutorial and it turned out to be pretty easy!

So click here to see our new podcast on iTunes, and if you’re looking for some teaching to listen to, why don’t you subscribe?

(Oh, and if you want to hear the teachings but you just don’t want to use iTunes, they’re all available on the website here)


I’ve spent the past several early mornings working on a new website/blog for the youth at our church body.

(this would be why my own blog hasn’t seen much action)

This is my first real experiment with a privately-hosted wordpress blog and podcasting and whole nine yards, so I’d love to have your feedback.

Got any tips on cool plugins?

Got any ideas to make this better?

Got feedback on our teaching (keep in mind we’re teaching teenagers)?

Please go visit and let me know!


New Photos From Asheville

These are a few of the more hobby-ish photos I took this past weekend on our youth retreat to Asheville. You can see them all on my flickr stream here.

Prayer Request

This photo is from last time Steph and I went up to Chimney Rock. Supposedly, that view will show you 75 miles of North Carolina…

Bright and early tomorrow morning, we’ll be loading up some vans and taking a bunch of teenagers up to Chimney Rock for a few days. It will be a combined youth retreat with our church (Calvary Chapel of Raleigh), as well as Calvary Chapel of Cary and Calvary Chapel of Fayetteville. We’ll be camping, hiking, white-water rafting, and most importantly, growing in Christ together. Hopefully, our vision and perspective will get a lot clearer as we get up above all the pollution.

Please keep the trip in prayer. Pray that many youth will have their lives permanently changed! Thanks!

Operation Restoration

Here’s a video I made to show at church this past week.

You can read more about what’s happening in it here.

Calvary Chapel Raleigh Facebook Group

Hey Kids,

If you consider yourself to be part of the Calvary Chapel of Raleigh community, and you sit in front of a computer on a regular basis, then you should join the Calvary Chapel of Raleigh facebook group. It’s simple, just click here and join!

What’s that? You don’t have a facebook account? Well take off those bell bottoms and join the 21st century! I personally guarantee addiction within one week or your money back… especially since it’s free.