My Dad Caught The Fish of a Lifetime!

My dad caught this beast of a catfish (about 40 pounds) on 10-pound test in a little pond!

You can see all the photos here


Go Wolfpack! ….sort of


One year ago today…

One year ago today, Stephanie and I were on our honeymoon in St. Thomas. It was a Wednesday, and having spent about 2 whole days in our little rental, we decided to spend most of the day at Megan’s Beach (above). It’s an amazingly beautiful beach. Legend has it that Sir Francis Drake used to hide out there while he was waiting for ships to plunder, and National Geographic named it in the top-ten beaches in the world. I love how there is so much vegetation right on the island (which Steph captured well in the picture above).

It was one of those days when you just feel the face of God smiling at you. We started the day with a hike down to the beach, which is no small task. We looked at all the tropical vegetation and dreamed about our future together.

Then we rented Kayaks and explored Megan’s Bay (pictured above and below). When we came back, the guy who rented us the kayaks asked me about my t-shirt (which said something about Jesus) and we ended up bonding as Christian brothers. He let us borrow his frisbee and we threw it for a while.

Then we got a coconut and lime drink (you have GOT to try one of those), and bought a WAY overpriced pizza and carried it the four miles back to our room. The photo above, of Megan’s Bay, was taken from our room. We watched drunk-looking iguanas fall asleep and fall out of the trees around our room and ate pizza and watched cable TV.

I sent Steph some flowers today, and I’m going to cook her dinner tonight, but I don’t have a CHANCE at repeating that kind of history…

So I guess it’s true what they say: Youth is wasted on the young :0)

(you can see the rest of the pictures here)