My new ride

OK. Not really. But someone actually DID this…

If this was your ride, what would you call it?


Does this make sense to anyone?


One of the best things about Mondays at my office is that we get free donuts (usually).

Yesterday, I ate this particular one… it came in a box that had several more just like it. This indicates to me that it was not an accident that only half of the donut has sprinkles.

Someone actually went out of their way to intentionally put sprinkles on exactly half of this thing… does that make sense to anyone?

Would sprinkling the whole thing put the sugar content so high that it would be downright inhumane to sell these things…

Help me out…

Big News! (survey)

There’s big news coming to this blog next week.

I want to have a little fun and get you guys and gals to guess what it is.

Did I get a new job?

Did we get a puppy?

Did we sell our house?

Is my sister having a baby?

Am I the antichrist?

You have ’till Monday at lunch to leave your guess (and it need not be limited to these options)

Have fun!

Finish the sentence

“The psychological equivalent of air is ___________________________”.

(I’ll tell you why I’m asking later)

You choose my next phone


So, as most of you who know me could verify, my phone situation has not been good lately. And as a result, I’ve done a terrible job of keeping up with my friends and family.

I had planned on replacing my phone when our tax return came, until I learned that our tax return would be more of a tax give-more…. so no phone.

But yesterday, my Dad called and said that he and mom want to do something nice for me, and they decided to buy me a smart phone! Of course, the first thought is ‘iPhone’, but I can’t swing that since it’s on AT&T and Steph’s on Alltel.

So, I’ve narrowed it down to these two. Which one do you think is a better buy? Keep in mind that I’m a mac man :0)

Help me choose!