Update on Jennifer and the Cortez Family

Last week, I posted about the awesome opportunity to reach out to my sister Jennifer and her family this Christmas season.

Again, the bullet points are

  • 7 people
  • 2-bedroom apartment
  • 5 children under 14 living together in one bedroom
  • Dad out of work right now
  • Opportunity to rent large house for less rent

So far, I have heard from a few of you, mostly via email, and I’m so grateful for the awesome response!

This weekend, I spoke to Jennifer, and she gave me some better details. She says they are moving forward by faith, and they have to be out of the apt by 12/10. She said their two greatest needs (besides prayer of course), are

  1. Money for the move
  2. Christmas for the kids

If you are interested in helping with the move, that would be awesome! I’m going to put the expenses on my credit card, and I need you all to help me pay the bill (and I swear I will give you some evidence — ie receipt or something — that the money went to good use!

If you are interested in sending toys/clothes/games/etc for Christmas, that’s even better! And I need to correct my previous post about ages of the kids… I had them a little mixed up:


  • Sarah, age 8
  • Earl, age 12
  • Monique, age 12
  • Mariah, age 13
  • Joey, age 10
  • Angie, age 7, but living in Texas right now and in less need

Please help us show the love of Christ to these kids this Christmas! Let me know if you’d be willing to help in any way!



Holiday Photos Up

We took a lot of photos over the past week. Hopefully Stephanie will tell you what’s up with all of them, but you can take a look here.