Dear Santa…

Please send me this for Christmas. It’s 45% off at the Westminister Bookstore Website ;0)

From my Starbucks cup

Went to starbucks this morning to buy a gift, and well… I would need a whole lot more self control to actually set foot in that place without getting a little caffeinated goodness.

…it’s all I can do just to drive by the place…

Anyways, instead of ‘The Way I See It’ series, which is on the usual cups, the holiday cups have ‘Pass the Cheer’.

Mine says,

“At a Starbucks drive-thru in Riverside, California, a customer spontaneously decided to pay for the drink of the person behind him. That delighted person was then inspired to pay for the drink of the person behind her, who then did likewise. What then transpired was an amazing chain reaction of cheer passing that lasted for seven cars.”

It caught my attention because I grew up in Riverside :0)

Stuff at TheRieslands

Hey, go take a look at my other blog for a party invitation and some other stuff.

…not interested?

Two words: mullet wig

Do you elf?



There’s a pretty funny add campaign called “Elf Yourself”.

This happens to coincide with a week when I have a photo of myself wearing a mullet wig from a party we went to.

You can click here to see me shake my groove thang… 

What seminary will do for ya:

Zack’s blog (from an ordinary undergrad degree holder):

cash advance

Stephen’s blog (from the hardest working seminary student you ever saw):
cash advance

Coincidence? I don’t think so…

Thanks Google!


Sat down to write this morning, and what did I see?

Why, a nice new feature staring back at me :0)

Colored labels — yet another idea that could have put my kids to college.

OK, maybe not… but the OCD in me is happy today!

A good day at