Quick catch-up post

So, yesterday I took a glance at the stats for this here blog, and they have become downright depressing. Like 60% of the traffic has dropped off in the last week.

And I ask myself, “Why, Zack?”

And then I realize, “Oh yeah. It’s cause I haven’t posted anything in like a week!”

So, for both of you who still care to know what’s happening in this red-headed world, here’s a quick catch-up post:

The job is going well. I really enjoy being back in the java world, and I like the vibe at my new office *much* better.

The main downer about my new job is that I have like 1% downtime. I used to have lots of small increments of time to kill while waiting for different things to happen, but no more. This is why you won’t see this blog updated very often for a while, or your emails returned quite as promptly. I say, ‘for a while’, because I’ll eventually be working in Raleigh and the I won’t have 2 1/2 hours a day of driving tacked on to my day.

Which brings me to my next observation: starbucks needs to hire me as a consultant. “Why?”, you ask. Because in my 78-mile drive, I pass 3 Cracker Barrels, 2 state rest stops, 3 Sheets gas stations, 2 malls, at least 2 counties, but NOT ONE Starbucks. Well, in fairness, I do pass two Barnes and Nobles, which have mini-starbucks inside, but they don’t open until like 9:00 am, which is way too late for me.

To further compound my frustration on this matter, I have discovered that there are *three* Starbucks within a couple of miles from each other on the road where I work, but they’re all way out of the way.

Why doesn’t the world revolve around me?

OK. I’m done being silly…

Steph and I had a great time camping this weekend. There are photos and videos from that trip coming soon.

And in the meantime, I have heard three of the best sermons in my whole life recently. Two are from the Doctrine series by Mark Driscoll. Teaching 12 on stewardship and teaching 13 on the Kingdom of Jesus are worth listening to a few times. They get me downright excited!

And the past several teachings by Francis Chan are also very good. The one called ‘Holiness’ from a couple of weeks ago is especially ‘Punch you in the face’ awesome.

Ok. More rational posting to come in the future…


Religion Saves (And 9 Other Misconceptions)


That’s what Mark Driscoll and the crew at Mars Hill are calling the new sermon series.

These are the responses to the top ten questions from the ‘Ask Anything’ survey (I asked these two questions), where everybody in the world had three months to ask and vote on questions that they would like Driscoll to preach on.

Part one is provocatively titled “Is Birth Control a Sin?” (audio here) (video here)

This is an exciting question for me, because Steph and I have spent a lot of time talking through this.

I’m about to give it a listen!

I think I have a new hero

Ok, not really.

‘Hero’ is a powerful word to me. But man, Mark Driscoll is seriously on track…

Check this out:

Me on Stephen on Shannon on Mark Driscoll on Joel Osteen (Pt. 1)

Having some fun with the title there :0)

For anyone visiting, this is my response to the discussion from a previous post. Read the comments there, and the title will make sense too…

So, first, I’m sure this response will be fairly long. So wait ’till you have 10 minutes to read it.

Second, I am LOVING this discussion. I really, really don’t see it as a couple of cocky 20-something theologians arguing about something they don’t understand amounting to morons… This is an amazingly important discussion right now, especially in light of the world we live in. The so called ‘prosperity gospel’ is more popular than ever. A couple days ago, Steph and I were in the gym, and there was a special on the morning news about how a US senator is trying to audit the 6 main ‘prosperity’ teachers to figure out how they spend their money. It pointed out how Creflo Dollar has TWO Rolls Royces, Joyce Meyer bought a $23,000 toilet bowl, and an $18,000 kitchen table, etc… It made christianity look like a bunch of crap. Half of me wanted to cry, and the other half wanted to throw up.

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