I really hope our baby is cuter than this

My brother (in law) Anthony drew this for our baby shower. It’s supposed to represent my un-born son…

I can’t really explain why I find this so disturbing…


Thanks Facebook!

Facebook wished me happy birthday!

Facebook, you're so thoughtful!

Fun with stop-motion

Y’all pray for Stephanie. Her husband brought a macbook camping just to make a stop-motion video of the camp setup…

And you’re welcome :0)

Really, really fast guitar playing

Jeremy and I went to hang out at Mike D’s house last night. We broke out the guitars and had some fun.

Watch Mike and tell me he’s not the fastest guitar player you’ve ever seen :0)

PS – Go visit Jeremy’s new blog and show him some love!

Pregnant women and pickles

Pregnant women apparently like pickles

You know how pop culture has this idea that pregnant women have these really strong, random cravings? When Steph first got pregnant, everyone teased me that I would be making late-night runs to the grocery store to watermelon, ice cream, and pickles.

Well, two weeks ago, this jar had about 20 pounds worth of pickles in it, and I had like two of them…

I better stock up on watermelon and ice cream…

Thursday night at 2 frames per second

Shannon enlightened me yesterday to the fact that my macbook, which I have had for over two years, is capable of doing stop-motion videos. Being the geek that I am, I had to try it out as soon as possible, so I recorded various periods of time hanging out with our new friends Jacob and Catie last night, and posted them on youtube.

This particular video has no real usefulness, but I can see where we can do some really slick stuff with this. My next experiment will be the Foyer at our church for all of Sunday morning.

Any other ideas?

This photo brings tears to my eyes

This is what my car looked like on Saturday… Such a gorgeous sight.

Dan Hill and I had a blast at Lake Crabtree. I forgot just how much joy my mountain bike brings me. I felt like a piece of me that had gone into hibernation came out for the Spring. I have got to find a substitute for biking during the winter.

What do you do that makes you feel most alive?