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Check out this post from John Piper titled “When Satan Hurts Christ’s People”


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everybody loses everything on earth — someday

That’s a quote from Piper in his sermon “Where Is God“, which is a response to catastrophic occurrences like 9/11 or Hurricane Katrina.

Piper is the pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minnesota. They are so close to the bridge that collapsed that you can see the lights of rescue crews from the church.

They sent their video crews out to capture some of what’s going on out there, with some audio from the ‘Where Is God’ sermon spliced in. Here’s an excerpt:

Famines, pestilence, persecution — these happen so that the world will see that followers of Jesus count Christ more precious than everything they’ve lost — and discover that He can be that for them, because one day they’re going to lose everything. Everybody loses everything on earth, some day.

Thoughts on the bridge from piper, whose church is a mile away

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Wanna help African Pastors?

Desiring God has some info about how you can put good theology in the hands of those who teach the Church in Africa:

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