Gas Shortage In Central Asia


When I was in Central Asia, the lack of heating gas was a serious issue. There were weeks were it seemed just about impossible to get warm. And in this article they’re saying that this year is much worse than years past: It’s colder and there’s less gas for heating. And it’s mostly because they have a terrible, selfish leader who does not fear God.

Please pray for the folks in Central Asia, and click here to read the whole article from BBC.

East Asia

 There’s a post over at JD Greear’s blog that should set our perspective and get us praying. It starts like this…

Summit members,

We have had a very tragic set of events occur in the last 48 hours in our church plant in East Asia. Our team leaders have let us know that they have been given 10 days by the authorities to evacuate the city. The authorities in the country, through duress, have procured the names of the national believers and are pursuing them.

Interesting post about Joel Osteen

Have a look here.

What do you think?

Please Pray For Jack

Hey folks,

I just received this email from a leader in our church. Please don’t get distracted by how long it looks. It took me 2 minutes to read it.

Please stop and take 5 minutes to lift this guy up in prayer:

I sold land to someone names Jack Rafac. His wife is Delores. He’s lived a rough life, from abandonment as a baby, to carnivals, to Chicago Hell’s Angels, to prison, to homicide, to informant, now under Witness Protection Plan. He looks rough. He is rough. But he’s got a little boy’s heart in him. He just wants to be cared about and loved. I am the only person he trusts in this world, other than Delores. He’s quite poor, making a living in the junk-world business, with a little government assistance per month. He has never missed a payment.

Jack was recently diagnosed with some form of liver cancer. They gave him a few years. He was optimistic and was preparing a plan to take care of Delores. He collapsed today and is now in the emergency room at Mariah Parham. Beth and I had just invited them to come to our house this week to bathe and to eat lunch with us. We were going to buy them some new clothes. He had agreed to let me share the gospel with him for at least an hour without interrupting me. (He loves to talk….)

Please pray that he will live long enough for me to see him in the hospital. Pray that he will live long enough to make that trip to our home. Pray that salvation will over take him when I share with him. Pray for Delores, too.

Pray for my friend ‘bob’

I have a friend who I spent a good chunk of time with when I was in Central Asia. His name is…

Well, let’s call him ‘Bob’ just to be safe (in the picture above, ‘bob’ is on the right, and yes, believe it or not, I am on the left).

‘Bob’ was faithfully discipled for over a year after he gave his life to Christ, and for a while, he was bearing all kinds of fruit.

But when pressure from the oppressive government of his country started to cramp down, he really backed off. He started dating a non-believer, and recently he sent me an email and said that he is now married to her.

Here is the response I received (‘Dad’ is how we write about God):

Do you remember Manzura?! Is this she whom I got married .
I will send you pics. I am still in ‘_______’.
I work at Tour Agency. I’m doing well.
Walk with Dad not so well man, ask Him to be better.
With his love, love you.


Have you heard about Ben Stein’s new movie coming out next year? It’s called ‘Expelled‘.

If you go to the website, the flash intro has this quote:

If people think God is interesting, the onus is on them to show that there is anything there to talk about. Otherwise they should just shut up about it.

So I’m sure the first thought through your head is, “Great, another movie bashing the intelligence of those who believe in God.”

But it’s actually just the opposite.

It’s about how people in scientific community who question Darwinism are immediately ‘expelled’. Noone is allowed to consider Darwinism.

I’m really excited about it!

There’s also a blog devoted to it here

everybody loses everything on earth — someday

That’s a quote from Piper in his sermon “Where Is God“, which is a response to catastrophic occurrences like 9/11 or Hurricane Katrina.

Piper is the pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minnesota. They are so close to the bridge that collapsed that you can see the lights of rescue crews from the church.

They sent their video crews out to capture some of what’s going on out there, with some audio from the ‘Where Is God’ sermon spliced in. Here’s an excerpt:

Famines, pestilence, persecution — these happen so that the world will see that followers of Jesus count Christ more precious than everything they’ve lost — and discover that He can be that for them, because one day they’re going to lose everything. Everybody loses everything on earth, some day.