It’s a Boy!

We went to the doctor yesterday and got some new pictures of BR! They did a 4-D ultrasound, which I had never heard of before:

Only half-way developed and already sucking the thumb!

It turns out that we have a little boxer!

Baby’s only a few ounces and already sucking the thumb!

Steph getting the 4-D ultrasound

Here’s how they did it

That envelope says whether it’s a boy or a girl!

This is Steph and I arguing about names


Pregnant women and pickles

Pregnant women apparently like pickles

You know how pop culture has this idea that pregnant women have these really strong, random cravings? When Steph first got pregnant, everyone teased me that I would be making late-night runs to the grocery store to watermelon, ice cream, and pickles.

Well, two weeks ago, this jar had about 20 pounds worth of pickles in it, and I had like two of them…

I better stock up on watermelon and ice cream…

Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Baby Riesland

We took our third trip to the doctor yesterday and we got to see our little guy/girl!

As you can see, Baby Riesland is about 10 weeks old and measures about 4 cm from but to head… and somewhat resembles a turtle :0)

I was really excited because it was dancing around like it was having a party or something.

Maybe Steph will write more about it later…

Pray for us this week…

This should be a very interesting week…

I get the opportunity to teach on worship this week.

Steph will be in what our book says is the hardest week of the first 6 months of pregnancy.

…and she’s teaching on women in missions somewhere in podunk Va this morning.

…and she woke up with a nasty cold…

I foresee potential for high highs and low lows.

Please keep us up in prayer, and hopefully I’ll have some great things to share next week!

Also, if you have any recommendations or thoughts or suggestions or resources related to the topic of ‘worship’, please share!