Fun with stop-motion

Y’all pray for Stephanie. Her husband brought a macbook camping just to make a stop-motion video of the camp setup…

And you’re welcome :0)

The ‘fro is no more

I’ve been growing my hair out for like 5 months.

I had visions of letting it getting to serious ‘fro proportions, but for the last couple of weeks it’s been long enough to feel kind of silly when I’m at work, and I didn’t want to spring for a haircut to get into shape, so…

Bye Bye ‘Fro :0(

Our Lobby On Sunday Morning

This is our church lobby this past Sunday morning. I started recording about 30 minutes before service, and stopped about 20 minutes after.

Notice a couple of things:

  • There is a ton of activity after 10:00, when service starts.
  • The fans look like they could cut through steel.
  • Larry works very hard to make sure every person who walks through the door is greeted :0)

What else do you notice?

Thursday night at 2 frames per second

Shannon enlightened me yesterday to the fact that my macbook, which I have had for over two years, is capable of doing stop-motion videos. Being the geek that I am, I had to try it out as soon as possible, so I recorded various periods of time hanging out with our new friends Jacob and Catie last night, and posted them on youtube.

This particular video has no real usefulness, but I can see where we can do some really slick stuff with this. My next experiment will be the Foyer at our church for all of Sunday morning.

Any other ideas?