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Another piece of perspective

A great opportunity to give

Via the DG Blog:

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you…

Someone try and tell me God isn’t creative :0)
Oh, and try and take it easy commenting on that last post. You’re going to take down the Google server… Geeze!

8 Posts I’ll Write When I Get Some ‘Free’ Time

Hey Folks,

I’ve been neglecting ye ol’ blog lately, but for what it’s worth, it’s been to focus on being faithful at work and as a hubby…

There are a lot of things I’d like to write though. I usually write them in my head on the way to work. Some day they’ll make it up here. Here’s what a few of them will be:

1 – Buy ‘Hope And Decay’ by my friend Shelly. You can get it on iTunes. It’s got some great thoughts and perspective, and a ton of excellence.

2 – Dear Jack Bauer

3 – Dear Starbucks, here’s the way I see it…

4 – God gave us a HOUSE!!! Holy guacamole…

5 – Dear Uncle Mike

6 – Dear Southern Baptist Convention

7 – Blogs I like to read

8 – Sermon Jams Make Me Happy :0)


Passion ’07

Hey boys and girls.

We have hotel rooms in Atlanta booked for the Passion ’07 conference, and I think we’ll have extra beds, so who wants to bunk?