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So it’s been almost a week since you’ve seen anything on this here blog or twitter get updated.

There’s a reason for that: I started my new job Tuesday.

With the new job comes a new office with new rules and new people. Here’s the skinny so far:

  • It’s 78 miles from our driveway to my new office :0( (I have to work in Greensboro for a couple of months, and then my drive will be much shorter).
  • In 78 miles, I do not pass a single Starbucks :0(
  • There is free coffee at work :0)
  • The free coffee at work is terrible :0(
  • There is a cafeteria at work where I can buy better coffee :0)
  • That coffee is also pretty terrible :0(
  • The pens at work are very nice :0)
  • I am not allowed to use iTunes anymore :0(
  • I am not allowed to use Twitter anymore :0(
  • I am not allowed to use Facebook anymore :0(
  • So far I have listened to three sermons, one episode of ‘Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me’, and half an episode of “This American Life” on the road to and from work :0)
  • My blog is not on the list of stuff I’m not allowed to mess with at work :0)
  • It takes me about 10 minutes to walk from my car to my cube :0|
  • They give out free newspapers at the door :0)
  • The cubes at work are very short, so we can stand up and see each other :0)
  • The office is always freezing cold :0(
  • I walk through a huge factory where they make gas pumps on the way to my cube :0)
  • They have assigned me a very nice, very patient brother in Christ to teach me everything I need to know :0)
  • My first day my teammates took me out to lunch and we ended up collectively witnessing to out manager the whole time :0) :0) :0)

I’ll have to update you some more when there’s time!


What’s been happening…

Money got really tight for us around Christmas time. We put a few gift purchases on our credit cards, and fully expected that when our tax refund came, we would pay down our credit card bills and put a little money in the bank, and start with a positive financial momentum in 2008.
Trouble was, we came up owing almost $1,000 on our taxes. I re-did the numbers twice, and yet Turbo Tax was insistent: we owed the IRS money we didn’t have.
So much for a positive momentum…
But then it got worse.

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Important Prayer Request called this week and asked me if I’d be interested in doing a job interview.

I haven’t applied for anything with them, and I have no idea how they got my resume, but it got me kind of excited.

I’ll be doing a phone interview this Thursday. Please pray that the Lord will guide it and give me wisdom about this!

Does this make sense to anyone?


One of the best things about Mondays at my office is that we get free donuts (usually).

Yesterday, I ate this particular one… it came in a box that had several more just like it. This indicates to me that it was not an accident that only half of the donut has sprinkles.

Someone actually went out of their way to intentionally put sprinkles on exactly half of this thing… does that make sense to anyone?

Would sprinkling the whole thing put the sugar content so high that it would be downright inhumane to sell these things…

Help me out…

Come on people…


This the main toilet for the guys here at my office.

And this is the condition I usually find it in…

Work with me people.

What’s your office pet peeve?

This Week…


So, you might have noticed that you didn’t see much shaking on this week…

There’s a reason for that. The short explanation is that I worked about 10 hours of overtime. If you’re interesting in what’s been going on in my head this week, or if you’re a fan of dilbert, or if you’re just bored, then please, read on… Continue reading