Video from youth retreat

A couple of weeks ago we took our youth group up to Asheville for a couple of days.

We stayed at a camp ground with no electricity, which meant no amplifiers or flashy lights, just guitars and voices worshipping the King.

Check it out:


New Tomlin Record

Got this in my inbox today.

I heard this on the radio a couple of days ago and I was like, “That sounds like Chris Tomlin… but I don’t know this song.”

It made me happy :0)

You can download the song on iTunes or

Did you hear it yet? What did you think?

Really, really fast guitar playing

Jeremy and I went to hang out at Mike D’s house last night. We broke out the guitars and had some fun.

Watch Mike and tell me he’s not the fastest guitar player you’ve ever seen :0)

PS – Go visit Jeremy’s new blog and show him some love!

For Stephen and Mike D.

Worship mp3 Available

As promised a week ago, I have an mp3 file of the teaching on ‘worship’ I did last Sunday. Please give it a listen and let me know what you think! I’m sure there are some things you would have done differently, so let me know what they are!

Right-click here and choose ‘save as’

My Favorite Song Right Now

Yesterday, I was driving to work, and something marvelous happened: I made a turn, and somehow, some loose wires snugged up to where they needed to be, and BOTH of the rear speakers in my car started working. This is like the equivalent of upgrading from a $10 walmart computer speaker to a… $50 walmart computer speaker :0)

So this morning, on the way to work, I had the music cranking, and I have to tell you, “At The Cross” by Daniel Renstrom is constant repeat right now.

The whole song is pretty upbeat with a really joyful spirit about it that would make it a great corporate worship song, and the words are fantastic. The chorus says,

At the cross – wrath was taken away
Christ was in our place
Oh what marvelous grace!

At the cross – justice was supplied
By the blood of Christ
Forever we will praise

If you haven’t picked up Daniel’s new CD, “Adore and Tremble”, you can get it on iTunes here. It’s the best 5 bucks you’ll spend this month. You can even preview some of the songs on his myspace page.

And Brody has apparently got Daniel blogging these days, so go check out his blog. He even chimed in on the worship conversation that I mentioned earlier this week.

Do you have “Adore and Tremble”?

Speaking of Worship

I had the great privilege of teaching our main service this Sunday at church, and it didn’t take me two seconds to know that I wanted to teach on the topic of worship.

As luck (or providence) would have it, the mic battery went out half way through, so the sound guys or going to see if they can get me one mp3 file so I can share it with all you wonderful people.

But in the meantime, Flowerdust and Ragamuffin Soul have some fantastic dialog going on about the topic of worship.

In particular, Carlos is asking:

Question One: What do you see the purpose of a church weekend gathering is? (I emailed him and asked him to ask this question on the blog MONTHS ago :0)
Question Two: Do you believe God can engage a persons heart in a weekend service where there is a goal to help manifest this through musical worship, production, creative video elements??

This should be interesting and could be very beneficial!