Video from youth retreat

A couple of weeks ago we took our youth group up to Asheville for a couple of days.

We stayed at a camp ground with no electricity, which meant no amplifiers or flashy lights, just guitars and voices worshipping the King.

Check it out:

New Olympic Sport

Did you hear about the new Olympic sport? It’s called ‘Slap Face’. Check it out…

Birthday voicemails

Home improvement 101

We took our first major step towards getting our nursery ready when we bought a dresser/changing table/hutch thingy off of craigslist last weekend.

I spent most of Friday night painting the bottom half.

I’m a REALLY fast painter:

Fun with stop-motion

Y’all pray for Stephanie. Her husband brought a macbook camping just to make a stop-motion video of the camp setup…

And you’re welcome :0)

Operation Restoration

Here’s a video I made to show at church this past week.

You can read more about what’s happening in it here.

Really, really fast guitar playing

Jeremy and I went to hang out at Mike D’s house last night. We broke out the guitars and had some fun.

Watch Mike and tell me he’s not the fastest guitar player you’ve ever seen :0)

PS – Go visit Jeremy’s new blog and show him some love!