Wedding Video

Well, we had posted our cool little wedding music video to Google video, and for some reason, it disappeared for about two weeks, and now it’s back… so (drumroll please), here it is:

I also made two copies that you can actually download: one pretty low-quality, but faster to download, and one pretty high-quality, but slower to download. And for those who don’t play with videos on line very much, please read this: if you just click on the link, it won’t start playing until it has downloaded a significant chunk of the movie, and in Internet Exploder, it won’t tell you what it’s doing. You’ll just think it’s frozen. Be patient :0) OR, alternatively, you can right-click on the link, and choose to download the whole thing before watching it, and you’ll be able to see the progress as it downloads.

Low Quality (~10 MB, .mov file — requires quicktime)

High Quality (~50 MB, .mp4 file — requires iTunes)


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