Fun with stop-motion

Y’all pray for Stephanie. Her husband brought a macbook camping just to make a stop-motion video of the camp setup…

And you’re welcome :0)

What’s been happening…

Money got really tight for us around Christmas time. We put a few gift purchases on our credit cards, and fully expected that when our tax refund came, we would pay down our credit card bills and put a little money in the bank, and start with a positive financial momentum in 2008.
Trouble was, we came up owing almost $1,000 on our taxes. I re-did the numbers twice, and yet Turbo Tax was insistent: we owed the IRS money we didn’t have.
So much for a positive momentum…
But then it got worse.

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Dear Dad,


I thought a lot about what would be a neat gift to get you this Father’s Day, and I realized that more than anything, I wanted to write you this letter. I’ve been meaning to write it for a while, and Father’s day gives me a good, hard deadline.

First off, I want to share a story with you:

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Pregnant women and pickles

Pregnant women apparently like pickles

You know how pop culture has this idea that pregnant women have these really strong, random cravings? When Steph first got pregnant, everyone teased me that I would be making late-night runs to the grocery store to watermelon, ice cream, and pickles.

Well, two weeks ago, this jar had about 20 pounds worth of pickles in it, and I had like two of them…

I better stock up on watermelon and ice cream…

More fun with photoshop…

My Dad Caught The Fish of a Lifetime!

My dad caught this beast of a catfish (about 40 pounds) on 10-pound test in a little pond!

You can see all the photos here

Playing with Photoshop Express

I did this on the free, web-based Adobe Photoshop Express.

What do you think?